Blended Terrier 15kg

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"Blended Terrier Mixer Meal 15Kg" Description A crunchy, wholesome, oven baked mixer biscuit. The oven baked biscuits are manufactured the traditional way and made from the best available raw materials to provide above average feed value for your pet. Pointer baked mixer biscuit should be fed with up to half as much again of canned, processed or fresh meat. Many dogs prefer their feed moist. You can add either gravy or hot water, but please ensure that the feed is allowed to cool and then serve immediately. Ingredients Cereals and Minerals. Contains EC permitted Colourants. Typical Analysis Protein 25.30% Ash 2.44% Oil 10.30% Fibre 1.20% Feeding Guide Toy up to 5kg - 50 to 80gm Small 5 - 10kg - 80 to 150gm Medium 10 - 20kg - 150 to 210gm Large 20 - 40kg - 210 to 300gm Giant 40kg plus - 300gm plus
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