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After around 12 months your little kitten has grown into a happy, lively adult cat, bursting with life and energy. Right now your cat can be fed with Friskies Go-Cat Adult products, a broad range of wet and dry foods that offer a 100% complete, balanced diet, with a great taste, too! Here you'll learn how to serve deliciously good wet foods and discover the health benefits of dry foods. Read on. Canned and single serve-food Cats have a highly selective, well-developed sense of taste and smell. As aromas associated with canned cat food evolve best at room temperature, cats love food served like this rather than straight from the fridge. When a standard 400g can is served and not emptied, always refrigerate the remaining contents after opening. Before serving the next meal to your cat, bring the food back to room temperature. If you prefer not to open cans, single serve food provides just the right amount for each meal. We encourage everyone not to keep opened cans for any longer than 24 hours, as the contents are no longer fresh. The benefits of dry food Most cats would rather eat a number of nibbles during the day than a few large meals. That's why Friskies offers complete dry cat food. Here are three good reasons your cat will love Complete Dry Food: Complete Dry Food is naturally adapted to a cat's nature. Most cats would rather eat a number of nibbles during the day than a few large meals. When there is food available all day, your cat can snack at any time. Dry food is perfect for this. Friskies Go-Cat can be left out all day long and stays fresh and tasty. By feeding your cat dry food, you'll help look after your cat's teeth. When your cat crunches, the chewing action helps remove plaque and tartar build up, reducing the risk of gum and tooth disease. Friskies Go Cat range of complete dry cat food is first basted in gravy then toasted in ovens, making it perfectly crunchy, totally irresistible and great for dental health. Cats can suffer from FLUTD (feline lower urinary tract disease), a bladder infection rather like cystitis. Scientists have shown the acidity of a cat's urine plays a key role in FLUTD and that keeping urine maintained at a constant, slightly acidic level helps keep FLUTD at bay. The right foods help. A balanced combination of minerals absorbed through food has a positive action on cat's uric acidity. Friskies Go-Cat Complete has been tried and tested to give a slightly acidic urine. And don't forget: You should always provide fresh clean drinking water when feeding dry food. Keep the water bowl full to the brim and fill it immediately after your cat has drunk from it. Some cats may be reluctant to drink much water if they dislike the taste so you might even have to try still mineral water for these fussy individuals. To make variety the spice of life, Friskies Go-Cat Complete is available in a range of seven tasty recipes
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