Komodo Terrain Compact Half-Brick, 46000-Expandable coir substrate

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KOMODO TROPICAL TERRAIN KOMODO FOREST TERRAINS Many people consider the choice of substrate to be simply aesthetic. However, the substrate has a greater effect than just decoration, and provides a microclimate environment that can affect the health of the inhabitants. Although choosing the substrate is partially a matter of the owner�s personal preferences, it must also take into account the needs of the occupants. Burrowing species for example will prefer both a depth of substrate and a type that they can easily tunnel through. Some amphibians and reptiles will require a more humid substrate like Tropical Terrain to simulate rain forest conditions. This is an expandable natural substrate perfect for �tropical style� vivaria. Available in sizes:- 46000 � Compact brick 46001 � Compact block (half a brick) 46005 � Compact brick x 3 In many habitats the ideal solution may be to provide a selection of diverse substrates at different levels. This will provide a variety of environments as well as a more natural and visually attractive living space. Use a Critter�s Choice Spray Bottle to maintain the correct humidity in a rainforest habitat.
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