Pedigree Puppy 400g Mult 6-pack

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Puppyhood is the stage of fastest growth and the food you choose now can help your puppy grow into a strong and healthy adult. Pedigree� Puppy is a complete food, easily digestible and balanced with calcium and phosphorus that gives your puppy all the essential nutrients to help provide the best start in life. Ingredients Contains the correct balance of calcium and phosphorus to help ensure your puppy grows into a strong and healthy dog. Contains a blend of antioxidant vitamin and minerals that help support natural defences and contribute to a long and healthy life. Contains high quality meat protein from for strong, healthy and firm muscles. Analysis % Protein 8.2, Oil 9.5, Ash 2.0, Fibre 0.6, Moisture 78.0, Calcium 3800 mg/kg, Phosphorus 2900 mg/kg, Copper 2.5mg/kg, Vitamin E150mg/kg.
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