Pet Mate Large Electromagnetic Flap - White

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256W ELECTROMAGNETIC LARGE CAT FLAP WHITE Keep stray pets out Suitable for large cats and dogs to 14" (360mm) shoulder height Large Cat Flap supplied with 2 x cat collar magnets (Dog collar magnets available separately) Easy to use 4-Way locking system Self lining to 2"3/8" (60mm) thick - ideal for all doors Silent Action - won�t frighten pets or disturb owner Draught and weatherproof brush sealed flap with magnetic closure Transparent flap Lifetime parts service 3 Year Guarantee Overall size: 9"1/4" x 11"3/4" (235mm x 300mm) Cut out size: 8" x 10"1/2" (203mm x 266mm) Available in Brown (256B) Grey (256G) and White (256W)
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