Vetzyme Dry Skin With Epo Formula Tablets

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Vetzyme Dry Skin With Epo Formula Tablets Vetzyme dry skin is a unique blend of Evening Primrose Oil and B complex vitamins which will help to soothe the discomfort of dry itchy skin. These tasty bites will help promote healthy smooth skin through moisturising and nourishing the skin from the inside. Giving Vetzyme dry skin with Evening Primrose Oil Formula oce a day will help promote all round good health, helping to keep your dog happy and radiant. B Complex is a group of water-soluble vitamins and a daily intake is required. B Complex helps: - Promote a shiney coat - Guard against nervousness - Promote fitness and vitality - Release energy to muscles Evening Primrose Oil helps: - Promote healthy smooth skin Ideal For: - Dogs with dry skin - Puppies - Feeding with all pet foods.
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