Vitapet R A Formula 450ml

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Vitapet R & A Formula 400ml Investing in good health and establishing a routine to care for joints will be of benefit in the future. - Ensuring your pet has regular controlled exercise is an excellent way of keeping joints healthy and active. Exercise improves blood flow and circulation and helps strengthen healthy joints and muscles. - Medium to large breeds a particularly prone to joint and cartilage problems. Daily supplementation with R & A Formula from an early age can help to maintain healthy joints. - The soothing effect of R & A Formula which has an excellent reputation can help to maintain supple and mobile joints. Vitapet R & A Formula can be used for the following: - Cats and Dogs (Sml & Med, Lge & Giant breeds) - Healthy Heart and circulation. - Helps maintian Supple joints - Glossy Coat. - Supports immune system. - Good Vision and skin. - Strong bones and teeth. - Complements complete foods.
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