Whiskas Kitten Cig 100g Multi 12-pack Rabb Duck

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Your kitten�s nutritional needs are very complex, because kittens grow up incredibly quickly. Her mother�s milk contains everything she needs, but once she�s been weaned, it�s up to you to make sure she gets the right food. Kittens need nutrients like Vitamin A for eyesight and Vitamin E for a shiny coat; Calcium for strong bones and teeth; proteins for growth and calories for energy. So that�s exactly what you�ll find in a Whiskas Kitten Pouch Whiskas Kitten pouches are made with gently cooked chunks of meat, tiny enough to be easy on your kitten�s equally tiny tummy. And because one pouch contains just enough for a complete meal, you won�t have to keep leftovers and your lucky kitten will get a fresh, foil packed new meal every time.
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